« Amidst sugar cane fields and close to the sea, Ti Rat plays his reggae the way he plants his manioc : with the deep desire to preserve his independence as much as possible. " My ancestors were exploited, I am not !" the singer from Sainte-Anne states, faithful to his beliefs as a disciple of Rastafarism. " In my music as in my life". » 


Paris 24/06/2010 / RFI MUSIQUE / Bertrand Lavaine


Born in sugar-cane cutter family by his father and musicians by his mother, he grew up enriched by these practices in the far east side of his island.

As an author, composer, interpret, Ti Rat is a committed and uncompromising singer. Father of a genuine reggae foundation on the east coast of Reunion island, in Sainte-Anne, he features his reggae in a family band : Rouge Reggae which he founded with his spouse Diane and his ghetto's brother Jean-Claude Carpaye aka JC Man more than 25 years ago.

Expressing himself in a mix of French, Creole and English, Ti Rat the singer from Reunion with his mighty voice is the burning spear of the Rastafarians in the Indian Ocean. From the eastern border of the African continent, this island warrior delivers his powerful lyrics on straightforward roots rock reggae riddims. With his generous shows and his conscious messages, Ti Rat and Rouge Reggae pushes a big fat sound ! Fighting against all racial discrimination, he reminds us of the necessary open-mindedness to world and culture so as to keep n harmony with Earth and Humankind. The black heart of Rouge Reggae beats in dub, live and direct ! From one title to another some pages of the Indian Ocean legacy and history are unfolded and a genuine testimony identity and universally is delivered.


With Ti Rat's roots deeply anchored, Rouge Reggae is a leading band in the Indian Ocean reggae scene.

The whole family is on stage, father leading the band, both sons involved : Lunaïc on drums and backing vocals, Noé at the trombon and backing vocals, two close friends on bass, sax, keyboard, guitar and backing vocals.

Ti Rat  Joseph Alain LEBEAU - leader, ACI, guitar

Lunaïc  Wilfried LEBEAU - drums, backing vocals 

Noé  Yoann LEBEAU - trombon, keyboard, backing vocals

Cordon  Olivier Stéphane CORDONIN - bass

Adel  Arnaud DELGOULET - keyboard, sax, guitar, backing vocals

Performances Live

Festival SAKIFO 2018 - Reunion island

Mauritius Tour 2018 - Mauritius
Les Florilèges 2018 - Reunion Island 

Festival DETAKALI 2018 - Reunion island)

Dékalaz’Orer Mafate 2018 - Reunion island)

Festival GOA Sunsplash 2017 - India
Naryal Paani festival 2017 - India
Zakifo Festival 2016 - Durban/South Africa 

Donia Festival 2009/2016 - Nosy Be/Madagascar

Moshito Festival 2015 - Joburg/South Africa 

Siem Reap Music Festival 2015 - Cambodia

Festival Reggae Sun Ska 2015 - France 

KalooBang Festival 2011 - Reunion island
Leu Tempo festival 2011 - Reunion island
Elysée Montmartre Paris 2008 - Paris/France

M’Tsangamoudji 2008 - Mayotte